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Appropriate Preposition Dictionary PDF Print


Before writing this part, i should mention that I am not a programmer. I know nothing of JAVA programming or any other. Have a priliminary knowledge in C/C++ but thats not well enough to produce any workable program.

Sometimes often I felt the urge to have some dictionary tools in my JAVA supported mobile. There are a few good one in the market. But I felt quite perplexed with the use of prepositions in English, and those dictionaries don't provide a good solution often. So i decided to make one of my own.

For example, we can take the verb 'die', its quite annoying to find the correct preposition because each one has its own idiomatic meaning and specific application.


die away --diminish in intensity e.g. The applause died away after 5 minutes.
die by --e.g. He died by suicide.
die down --diminish in intensity e.g. The controversy about the president's affair finally died down.
die for --e.g. We are ready to die for our country.
die from --e.g. He died from over eating.
die of --e.g. He died of cholera. .
die off/out --become extinct e.g. Whales are in danger of dying off.



But if you are using my dictionary, all you have to do is to write 'die' and search. You are getting all of those. In most cases I focused on exapmle, because 'Example is better than Advice', but when I felt necessary I also added the definitions.

Currently It has 1567 entries, and I am adding more. The current version is 2.2


As I am not a programmer I took the help of the open source project DictionaryForMids. You can know more about this from here:
If you are like me but want to make a dictionary or something like that you can use the tool also.

To make the database, I mainly relied on the internet. I took help from two renowned grammar books of Bangladesh. A work of this type can never be complete, so suggestions are always welcome.

download : SUHRIDz Appropriate Preposition Dictionary v2.2